Inspiring Youth to Become Active Global Citizens

Global Concerns Classroom (GCC) is an innovative global education program that seeks to raise awareness of current international humanitarian issues in U.S. youth and to empower them to take meaningful action. Through dynamic resources, student engagement programs, and professional development for educators, GCC prepares youth to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be globally competent for the 21st century.

Our Approach

Our program is designed to inform students about the multiple perspectives that define complex global issues. GCC does not promote one way of thinking, but emphasizes critical thinking, debate and analysis, and informed action. Through a Common-Core standards-aligned curriculum and unique out-of-school opportunities, GCC instills in students the 21st-century knowledge and capacities needed to be engaged global citizens and leaders for a better future.

Program Outcomes

By participating in the program, GCC hopes students will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to become global citizens.


  • Recognizes global inequalities
  • Acknowledges the interconnectedness of the world
  • Understands how the international  community addresses inequalities
  • Comprehends key issues in  global development
  • Understands the causes and consequences of extreme poverty


  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Cooperative learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Effectively communicate ideas
  • Active listening
  • Investigative inquiry
  • Analyze complex issues and situations
  • Articulate and challenge assumptions


  • Appreciates different perspectives
  • Believes in shared experience of humanity and resiliency of all people
  • Believes that all people can take part in eliminating extreme poverty
  • Confident that extreme world poverty can be eliminated
  • Comfortable with complexity and ambiguity of development issues


  • Takes informed action on global issues
  • Keeps an open-mind to different perspectives
  • Stands up for the rights of others
  • Works with others towards eliminating extreme poverty
  • Willingness to challenge assumptions
  • Shares knowledge and values with others

Ultimately, GCC seeks to cultivate globally concerned youth who understand global inequalities, recognize the interconnectedness of all people, and take informed action towards a world without extreme poverty.

Registration Information

Open to secondary schools (grades 9-12) in the NYC and Chicago metro areas. Participation in the program is free-of-charge. Registration is required:

  1. ​​Download our 2014-2015 program overview.
  2. Apply online. Registration deadline is Sept 26, 2014.

GCC is launching in Boston with the Global Youth Summit in February 2015.  Stay tuned for registration details.

Register for a Program

Download our 2014-2015 program overview and apply online.

Registration deadline is Sept 26, 2014.