Rise Up for Rice: Fight Hunger!

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Who’s Hungry?

Join Us in honor of World Food Day and Campaign To Help End World Hunger.

Rise (up) Defined: to find the strength to respond to a challenge.

Are you ready to rise up to a new challenge? Here it is:

Problem: 925 million people in the world do not have enough to eat

Challenge: Rise up for Rice on Freerice.com and educate everyone around you that there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, and YOU can help to solve the problem.

Hunger, a word and concept that is spoken, and to our knowledge, felt, on a daily basis, is the number one risk worldwide, leading to the deaths of more individuals annually than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Those that endure this struggle are faced with life long, and life-changing side effects.

Children account for 25 percent of those who are hungry, thus the unfortunate trends begin with them: malnutrition at a young age stunts intellectual and physical growth, which delays or permanently stunts education, eventually altering one’s potential for a future livelihood, or future at all. In addition, about 50 percent of pregnant women in developing countries are iron deficient, predestining health issues to the unborn.

As the population of those who go hungry has been slowly on the rise over the past decade, and this number amounts to more than the combined populations of the United States, Canada and the European Union, this issue is even more prevalent than ever. So what’s the good news? Hunger is a simple necessity of life. We do not need to find a cure for an obscure disease, or reconcile with long standing governmental laws to change the state of the issue today. Awareness and fundraising can remedy this.

In the Fall of 2011, Ithaca College’s chapter of the student founded non-profit organization, Food for Thought, put on the first annual Rise up for Rice event. Created with the intention to get students excited about helping those in need, as well as inform them how one can help others on a daily basis, Rise up for Rice works with Freerice.com. A website run through the World Food Programme to “raise rice” for those who go hungry around the world, Freerice.com quizzes visitors on different subject matters, and donates ten grains of rice for every question answered correctly. With fifteen different subject matters, you educate yourself, as you feed others.

Dumbfounded by the simplicity of this aid, Food for Thought arranged a Freerice.com tournament, which has now grown into a larger, campus-wide awareness event in its second year. Rise up for Rice 2011 has partnered with Campusfood.com, IC Dining Services, Concern Worldwide and Ithaca’s local charity, Feed my Starving Children, to raise funds for those who go hungry both locally, and abroad. In efforts to think globally and act locally, Food for Thought invites you to campaign with us as we fight for a change and talk about how we can do it.

Student, Elizabeth Stoltz, founded Food for Thought in 2008. The organization is dedicated to serving children around the world by empowering persons of all ages to become active in their local and global communities by creating and taking part in global awareness campaigns, educational programs, and fundraising activities. Students are the generation of knowledge, and the generation of change – combining knowledge and the will for change will make a world of difference.

So now what?

Want to host your own Rise up for Rice event or join ours? Follow the steps below!

Empower yourself and others to make a change!

“Rise up” in three simple steps:

  1. Click on this WFP link for inspiration – these are the children who will benefit from rice that you raise on Freerice.com.
  2. Visit www.freerice.com and sign in: [Username: riseup2011, Password: foodforthought]
  3. Ready, set, TOURNAMENT!
  • Invite your friends from around the country
  • Tweet and Facebook about it
  • Play with your Global Concern Club

Take it a step further:

Passion to end an issue stems from knowledge. Follow the steps below to increase awareness of the issue of world hunger in your school.

  • Educate yourself before you educate others: http://www.wfp.org/
  • Visit this link for pictures of school lunch trays from around the world
  • Make educational fact posters
  • Hang these pictures and posters around your school/ cafeteria
  • Make the Rise Up poster your profile picture
  • Use your status to link people to Freerice.com/ awareness FB group!
  • TALK ABOUT IT! The best ideas come from conversations. Ithaca College students completed the campaign above, but be creative! What inspires you to do good? Live accounts of the people you help? Statistics? Conversation? Don’t hesitate. Rise up to the challenge! Join us!

Sources: World Food Program, UNICEF