GCC CAP Showcase 2015

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The GCC 2014-15 year on Innovations in Global Health came to a close during the first week of May with a Showcase of students’ Community Action Plans. Twenty-five students and teachers gathered at St. Vincent Ferrer High School (SVF) to celebrate their work throughout the year.


SVF students’ maternal health campaign

Targeting global maternal health issues, students from SVF presented their innovative action plan with an eye-catching, massive tri-fold of a beautiful pregnant woman. Surrounding her was in-depth information regarding the major obstacles women encounter to have healthy and safe pregnancies and deliveries. The statistical data was presented through vivid graphs that told the story in undeniable facts of mothers at risk. There was also comparative data presented of safe births in  the US and in under-resourced nations.


SVF & Ursuline students

Drawing connections from the global to the local, the SVF students hope to challenge their peers and greater community to not only become aware of issues related to maternal health, but to do something about it.  To this end, the girls’ ambitious  campaign plan includes raising funds to train one midwife, an essential aspect of safe delivery, a project they hope to replicate in years to follow if successful.

The students and teachers from The Ursuline School also presented their immense and commendable community action plan on trachoma, a preventable, infectious eye disease that impacts millions, particularly in Ethiopia. The students got their whole school involved and held an assembly to teach their peers about the disease.

Ursuline students with their clever logos

Ursuline students with their clever logos

Present at the assembly were representatives from Pfizer, who regularly donate resources to treat trachoma around the globe, members form The End Fund, who led a session with students on what it’s like to be blind (a sad end to the untreated disease), and from Concern Worldwide.

The upper school students participated in a competitive marketing campaign to see which homeroom group could come up with a winning logo and slogan to catch the attention of donors funding their project. The winning projects were presented at the showcase at SVF, along with a video called Lash Out Against Trachoma.

Using their timeline and resources, the Urusline students also built in a mother’s day fundraising campaign! They hosted students and families in a flower arranging activity, the funds from which will go towards trachoma assistance.


GCC Field Visit 2015 – Ethiopia!

As the Showcase came to an end, team GCC announced the winning students for the overseas field visit this summer to Ethiopia. The application process was rigorous and while competition was fierce, Hannah Zamor from Ursuline and Havana Caso-Desembet were chosen to take part in a week-long trip to witness Concern Worldwide programs first-hand. We can’t wait to show Hannah and Havana and great time in Ethiopia!


Thanks to all the students, teachers, and schools who took part in the year-long GCC program. We hope you will participate next year when our theme will be Climate Impact! Participation is free of charge and spots are limited so register today!!