International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

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Driven to eradicate extreme poverty, Concern Worldwide works in 29 countries around the world. The Republic of South Sudan is one of them. Home to rich natural resources and agricultural potential, South Sudan is a nation that should be thriving. However, in spite of having the ideal resources for a prosperous people, South Sudan is facing yet another hunger crisis.No Poverty

In spite of the assistance provided by a number of humanitarian organizations, the effects of climate change are further adding to the adversity South Sudanese have been experiencing. Heavily reliant on seasonal rains, South Sudan is witnessing a major reduction in produce. Without produce, the Sudanese people face extreme hunger and financial instability. The lack of rainfall in the region and the ramifications of conflict are two major contributors to the current crisis.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of South Sudanese citizens, Concern Worldwide teams have been on the ground since the separation of South Sudan from its original territory in 2011. Aside from supplying clean water to over 23,000 people, Concern is also aiming to prevent malnutrition through the promotion of caring, feeding and hygiene practices. Witnessing the impact of this rippling crisis, Concern Worldwide has begun constructing shelters for nearly 11,000 internally displaced families. The implementation of these projects will secure the South Sudanese health and safety until they are in a position to thrive financially on their fertile land and future human capital.Global Goals

For the first time, after years of deliberation and meetings, 193 countries have vowed their commitment to a new set of ambitious global goals which aim to end extreme poverty and hunger, while addressing the impact of climate change on global poverty. On this day of for Eradication of Poverty, let us not be bystanders in the attempts to alleviate hunger and stand with the rest of the world in ensuring no one goes hungry.

Here are some ways you can do your part on this day:

  • Read and learn the fact
  • Study the impact of climate change on poverty
  • Share the information with your peers
  • Do additional research on the causes of poverty
  • Write a letter to the UN to express your passion in the worldwide effort to eradicate poverty and hunger;

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Secretary General
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